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Elevate Your Game

More Reps. More Progress. More Wins.

The all-in-one Practice Automation Solution
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The Robot

An intelligent training partner emulating every type of game-like pass, kick, or punt anywhere on the field, the Seeker transforms how athletes train. Using our Pulse tracking system, the Seeker enables athletes to train by themselves--for the first time.

The Interface

With its touchscreen interface, the Seeker allows players and coaches to easily draw out and save the plays they want to practice. The Seeker streamlines practice by allowing you to save route trees and any drill directly into the Seeker.

The Portal

Meet Portal, the web platform empowering coaches to monitor every rep and track progress over time. With Plays, coaches can remotely program entire practice scripts ensuring your team's playbook is always at your fingertips.

The Experience

Our team is with you from day one, making sure you are always taking full advantage of your subscription. Throughout the year, world-tier support is always just a phone or video call away.

Hear from the teams on the cutting edge
"The Seeker gives our guys exactly what they need without a QB"
-Bilal Marshall, WVU WR Coach
Teams with Seekers win >30% more than average

The Seeker in Action

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