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"What are you doing to get ready?! Obviously we've always got the Monarc."

"The Monarc has been a big asset to us here at University of Oregon. It’s helped us in a lot of different ways. It’s a very versatile machine. How we use it: we program our route tree in it where our guys can come in here and work on their own. I think the cool thing about it is you don’t need a quarterback and you’re going to be efficient with the catches as far as getting a lot of catches in in a short amount of time.

The guys love it—obviously. It works on the hand-eye coordination and still being able to run routes without a quarterback. With all that being said, it’s a very, very solid machine that helps us grow and helps us get better in a lot of different areas.


Coach Junior Adams

Oregon Co-Offensive Coordinator / Wide Receivers Coach

"What are you doing to get ready?! Obviously we’ve always got the Monarc. We got the Monarc machine set up for those who need it."


Coach Dan Lanning

Oregon Head Coach

"It’s awesome. Very simplistic. Their customer service is unbelievable too when you can’t figure something out."

Kenny Farr

Football Equipment Administrator

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