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Innovation with Purpose

The goal of the Seeker is to allow the athlete to train alone without having to rely on anyone to feed the machine for the first time ever. This means players can use the machine before, during, or after practice, as well as in the offseason to get the extra reps they need to constantly improve their game. Aside from its robotic mode functions that would be used mostly by coaches during practice, the Seeker will also provide football teams and coaches with reliable and consistent machinery that is capable of firing pinpoint accurate passes, punts, and kicks better than any machine in history through our top-tier mechanical components and state of the art software, drastically streamlining practice efficiency. The data from each route will also be captured and sent to our cloud-based data analytics platform which will allows teams to quantify work ethic and breed competition.


Whether it be a 5-yard slant-route thrown at 44 miles-per-hour, a 10-yard dig-route, a 15-yard comeback, or a 50-yard fade route, the Seeker is able to deliver precise passes to any body position you desire. Below are some video clip featuring the University of Iowa's fully customized Seeker in action. As you can see in the videos, this is the first time a machine is able to track an athlete in real time and fire autonomously without needing anyone there to feed the ball through. 

Below is a video that NFL on CBS recently put together for us after they heard about the Seeker.

The Seeker is capable of throwing any route on a basic route tree (1-9), and with our frequent software updates, we will be able to build in any additional routes and drills your team desires as part of your subscription.  

The Seeker has drills and applications designed for almost every position on the field, including special teams drills, meaning over 75 percent of the team can benefit from just one machine. The Seeker's manual and robotic mode punts/kicks functionalities have had Special Teams coaches extremely excited.


In robotic mode, the Seeker will track the player in real time and use the player's location to determine where the ball should be fired. In manual mode, you will be shown a virtual grid of the field on the Seeker's touchscreen. All you have to do is click on the virtual field where you want the ball to go and the ball will be fired there right on target the first time and every time. For example, if your athlete has a desire to catch a 39-yard punt set at any location on the field with a hang-time of exactly four seconds, he can with the Seeker. These reps can be performed during practice in manual mode with a coach helming the machine and selecting the designated target and hang-time, or if you choose you can opt for robotic mode that way you can focus on coaching rather than firing a ball through the machine, or the player can get extra reps by themselves before, during, and after practice. 


Each Seeker is also fully customizable, any decals and paint combinations are possible to brand the machine exactly how you want it; which has proven to excite coaches as a difference maker in recruiting and branding






Here you can also find a short clip of NFL veteran, Brian Hartline, using the Seeker's robotic mode gauntlet during our recent visit to Ohio State attached. The gauntlet fires passes to Brian at varying body positions (normal, below the knees, right/left shoulder, above the head, etc) to train his hands and his reaction time better than ever before. As you can see, even he was caught off guard with the varying positions because no machine in history has been able to release balls that quickly and accurately to multiple targets. This is the same drill featured in the SMU video. 

Monarc has been fortunate enough to be featured by several news outlets,such as NFL on CBS, The Checkdown, GoIowaAwesome, etc., for our innovation and how we plan on making a substantial impact on the game of football and the entire world of sports. Here you can find a recent article featuring Monarc and the Seeker in Friday Night Football magazine.




At Monarc, we work tirelessly to provide athletes with every opportunity to hone their skills and maximize their potential. The Seeker is the first product we have introduced and we cannot wait to unveil to the world the rest of the game changing, state of the art technology our team is capable of delivering. 

Are you getting better today? If the answer is no, the next question is, why not?